Death by Box
Brent Crabb Artist Bio

I started my quest to become a pencil artist at an early age. The story that is still told amongst my family members today is that if they were taking care of me, they would sit me at the table, give me a pencil and paper, and I would be content for hours.
After high school, I studied commercial art in La Crosse, WI. I then went on to study drafting and mechanical design in Green Bay, WI. Throughout this journey, there were a few sidetracks, but art was always prevalent. I have done illustration and logo work, renderings for developers and real-estate companies, numerous commission drawings and even threw in a few custom motorcycle paint jobs. My favorite throughout this pursuit was working as a monument layout artist.
Much of my inspiration comes from my travels and my
appreciation of history. All my work is hand drawn with pencils.

View my drawings at www.inkdroparthaus.com

Green Bay, WI
WVA membership status:
pencil draughtsman

Who Put Parson Brown in the Well?

Death by Box

Who Put Parson Brown in the Well?