The Siren
Jean-Paul Sartre said, "in the relationship between the will to create and the finished work, no one can say what tomorrows painting will look like. Through the ages there have been painters that we all look at and wonder, how did they accomplish that? As the years have gone by some of those questions have been answered. We borrow from each other out of admiration for what another has achieved.

In the craft of my painting my aim is to convey the beauty and softness of the female form. The key to success is to establish a palette that will capture that dazzling sensual nature they possess. I find the music of Arvo Part helps create a tranquil mood in my studio that in the early stages of a new painting helps me to generate a quietness in the figure. By keeping the colors soft and blending the edges, I use many layers of color with the intent to convey the figures inner warmth.

Each painting leads to the next and I usually have three paintings in different stages of completion. This allows me time to layer color and to work out problems. Painting keeps my mind active and engaged in the examination of excellence. Like most artists I see my mistakes and sometimes that over shadows my efforts; but every once in a while I produce something that amazes even me, and those are the times I live for.

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Hans Delbruck

Alberta, 20x20 inches, Oil on canvas

Molly, 20x20 inches, Oil on canvas