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Artist Statement for Carol Toepke

I have come a long way from the days of a Kodak Duraflex camera, with a large, side-attached flash hood, non-reusable bulbs with 12 count negative film to what amounts to the tons of digital images on a memory card today...I finally feel ready to share my eclectic and often non-traditional view of art through my lenses. My images can be traditional; and at other times abstract, modern, dark, and edgy. I have chosen not to limit what I take photos of. I have allowed my mood, my interest, and my passion to drive my camera lenses in capturing events and festivals, abstracts, nature, still photography or landscapes.

Having lived my entire life in Northeast Wisconsin, I have spent and will continue to spend a lot of time photographing the beautiful multidimensional, seasonally-driven state. My camera has always been and will continue to be my best friend. In recent years it has brought new life and fresh sight to my eyes, and I don't want to miss a thing!

Each of my images is the result of patient hours spent in the field or at events, or sometimes exploration, learning, feeling, and seeing "new" things right in my own backyard. It is an exciting time in photography, and I fully embrace the power of being able to adjust the digital raw camera data into works of art with the detail, authenticity, and direct connection to the subject matter of choice, that comes with photography. It is very important to me that my images are photographs because, it means they are in fact real events that I experienced in real places, with real people, or have discovered in the natural beauty of this state. I hope some of my images will inspire you to get out doors and explore. I do my best to capture my photographs in traditional single exposures. In every case, I strive to make my art honest to the original scene, with modest contrast and saturation adjustments for aesthetic considerations.

I invite you to peruse my blog, or look for images published in the new Capture Door County Book 2013, Capture Wisconsin's 2014-15 Calendar. I also have images featured in past (2013-2014) and upcoming issues (2015) of Our Wisconsin Magazine. Including the Cover image in the Aug/Sept Issue of 2015. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Four exhibits with Carol Toepke
The result of patient hours spent in the field

Being featured on the cover of Our Wisconsin
Photography by Carol Toepke
by Carol Toepke