Cherie Burbach at an Art Fair
I've been a full time artist and writer for over a decade. Words and images have always been linked for me when it comes to expression and creativity.I sell my work in over a dozen stores as well as online and at art fairs.

I like to paint with vibrant colors that offer a positive, hopeful message. Sometimes this is done with whimsical animals, girls, or flowers and other times it combines words and poetry. For me, art is all about emotion.

I enjoy mixed media because it makes painting a new journey, one that is about uncovering the image I want to convey as much as it is creating it. Adding layers of paper and paint and words is a bridge between my art and writing, creating visual poetry that honors creativity in a new way.

I use ephemera along with acrylic paints, oil sticks, pastels, and ink. Very often words combine with the art in some way, either from Bible verses, a thought or emotion, or lines from my original poetry. I encourage people to get up close to my art and see the small details that are included.

Oostburg, WI
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acrylic, mixed media

Cherie Burbach In Her Studio

She Was Protected

Hope - One Definition

Bold As Love


Cherie Burbach Opening
A positive, hopeful message