Stairs, Boat & Crane
I'm miles away when I paint. My journey doesn't take me far, but as Twyla Tharp says, "Art is the only way to runaway without leaving home". I find inspiration close to home and far away, from people to places. I see what I see, changing nature to what suits me. I'm motivated by my environment, nature and time. Often while painting, I lose track of time and one hour turns into 4 or 5. Moving across the canvas discovering how to create, what the paint and I can do together is joy. I paint from the inside out, my subconscious guides my hands.
Oconomowoc , WI
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Acrylic and oils

Nashotah Hike

Fish Factory Penaukee

Stairs, Boats & Crane

Pensaukee Fishing Baot

Breezy Loew Lake