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“Between the known and the unknown, between security and uncertainty, life rises and transcends space, creating opportunities for freedom and fulfillment.”

Through painting with color and texture, I aim at the heart, inviting the audience to reflect on their feelings and build relationships. My work encourages us to take a symbolic look, outside a preconceived framework, at tolerance towards oneself and towards others.

I am intrigued with the concept of resonance *. What part of us, passed on to others through chance encounters while living our life, creates resonance? What part of others do we make our own? The focus of my work is to nurture my art and myself, in the process tickling the imagination of those I meet or have met. I want my paintings to create an open space that invites the viewer into the work, where they can participate in a great celebration of life.

To do this is an ongoing process for me. First, I must be in resonance. To evolve, one must try to tame oneself. Second, I want to my painted experiences to resonate with others, eliciting, sharing and exchanging emotions and life stories. Finally, I want myself and others to grow harmoniously together, joyfully, without judgment. It is this joy, above all, that I leave to the discretion of each viewer, to discover in my works.

My inspiration comes from everywhere: people, nature, music, literature, etc. Oil on canvas has my preference because I like to see the light of the colors to live, and I use my brushes, my knives and my fingers to sculpt the oil to create texture and transition.

*Resonance :
- Description of how a room, a body, gives back the sound, possibly resonating at specific frequencies.
- What causes a response in someone, what moves.
Definition liberally translated from www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/r%C3%A9sonance/68656
Waukesha, WI
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oil painting and drawing

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