Once upon a time I was a dancer. Now I make art. All that has happened to me between then and now is the basis for what I�m creating today. I believe that art is communication-- one person�s way of seeing, or thinking or feeling brought into the world in a singular form. How (or if) the communication is received is unpredictable, but magic can happen in that space where your story and mine intersect. I use torn paper images and words that have meaning for me in order to construct and solve a puzzle at the same time. I use oil pastels to provide the missing pieces, vibrant color, cohesion, definition or obscurity. Conceptually, I like to take the long view without losing sight of the details. I love a shade of gray, a blurry line or a jagged edge. I studied oil painting with Janet Shafner and pastels with Martha Wakeman at Connecticut College, where I received a B.A. in Dance.
Whitefish Bay, WI
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oil pastel/mixed media

Sometimes I'd Jump

Night Changing Snow to Clouds

Paris Sky III

That Night