Artist Statement
There are moments in life that intrinsically change who we are inside. Some choose to ignore those moments or tuck them away, unacknowledged . . . perhaps because the emotions are ugly, perhaps because the emotions are perceived as negative and unacceptable, vilified.

However, those who choose to dive into those moments have an opportunity to discover their inner being, creating greater self-awareness. We are called to FEEL our emotions, allowing the good and the painful to sweep through to your core – is awakening. Become aware, feel fully, be ALIVE.

At this moment, something special happens . . . when we feel, we are experiencing similar passions that others have felt. An affinity grows, understanding, empathy, tolerance, acceptance develops. By acknowledging the deepest parts of our emotions, our souls . . . we SHINE.
Milwaukee, WI
WVA membership status:
mixed media