I am a Multidisciplinary/Performance Artist creating iterations of self and identity through the use of Personae. All humans are multifaceted. As an old woman, I understand that a person can have many different identities over the lifespan. Personal myth and symbolism are extensively used in my work. I employ Acrylic Painting, Sculptures, Collage, Costumes, Books, Photographs, and Videos to examine self and identity. Weaving throughout my arc of work is commentary on self in context of society In 2018 I finished The Personae Project with the installation "Madam Odonata's Wake." I am now working on another multi-year arc "LillianDdottir, Confessional Poet". Individual pieces from these bodies of work are shown in group shows while completing the work cycle.

Milwaukee, WI
WVA membership status:
multidisciplinary/performance artist