Art has been a passion throughout my life as an illustrator in pen and ink, a calligrapher and, during the past fourteen years, a collage artist using papers from around the world. As a graduate (B.A. in Art Education) of St. Olaf College, my career began as an art educator and I have taught art to all ages. As a freelance artist since 1979 my projects and commissions have included: logo designs, hundreds of illustrations of buildings (residential and commercial), large scale design for conference spaces, original card designs, private and commercial commissions of mixed media works, illustrations and calligraphy. My work has been published and is in private collections both in the US and abroad.

The direction of my current work takes inspiration from beautiful textural papers from around the world. Creating layers of texture using embellishments and fibers, I am creating art works as I paint with paper. The tactile quality of my work causes people to wonder if I am using fabric. The beauty of the color and texture of each paper used becomes the focal point in my works. I am constantly challenging the limits of the papers as my subjects include flowers, landscapes and nature, as well as abstract themes. Inspiration may come from photographs, a feeling from nature, or the movement in a marbled piece of paper. I add depth to my work as I layer papers creating a three dimensional effect on the two dimensional surface. Some works are carefully created based on a realistic interpretation of a scene while other works take one to a place created by the beauty of the papers. The tactile experience of working on a new challenge fascinates me and keeps me wanting to do more experimentation.

As an artist for over forty years, every creative experience I have had, from teaching to creating my own works in various media, has brought me to where I am today. I am constantly delighted to find new ways to have paper speak to those who view my works, hoping it will broaden their appreciation of this media.
Middleton, WI
WVA membership status:
Mixed Media