I really hate writing bios. Instructors and websites tell me to write in third person and share my philosophy on the art I create. Sometimes I read the bios of other artists and I wonder how it is they come up with the stuff behind their bio.

What I want you to know is that I am authentic and transparent in my art. It is product of the life I have lived and am living. It is affected by the mood of the day. I love the colors of things and I desperately wish I could share all those colors in the world around me with my colorblind husband. Sharing what I do with my kids and having them enjoy printmaking and writing and music is probably the piece of my life of which I might be proudest.

I love the community in which I live and work. It is filled with creative, supportive, innovative, all around good people. I am part of the 16th Street Studios and ArtRoot and try as I might to do everything well, I don’t always make the mark. I like to put my life and experiments on the page or the Plexiglas or in the book for others to see. I hope my life, my studio, the Black-Eyed Press, and my work help others to try on creativity and join a creative community.
Mount Pleasant, WI
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