In Marco Mendoza’s works, the power of religious art is combined with the textural and formal variety of abstract painting to create works with both spiritual depth and a vibrant feel for color and style. “My paintings are inspired by the search for the true self that every human needs to find,” the artist says, and he gives that search dramatic form. Framed in semicircular shapes that suggest halos or icons, the figures in his paintings radiate an aura of tranquility that is given a modern appearance through the strong colors and fluid, spontaneous lines he employs. From hand lettering to bold strokes and drips of paint, Mendoza makes images with a clear, immediate impact.

Working in acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper, the artist allows the process of painting itself to determine how each work will be realized. He notes that he enjoys “when painting gestures become a sort of dance,” and that feel for rhythm and movement is easily seen in his balanced compositions. Based in Milwaukee, Mendoza has also opened a gallery in Puebla, Mexico.
Germantown, WI
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