In Between
I paint images that suggest a presence in an environment or an absence of one, and evoke an emotional response. Numerous transparent watercolor washes define the form. Light as the subject gives meaning and suggests a narrative content.
This body of work is from two series entitled Empty Spaces and Sky in a Box. They are a reflection on memory and loss, but invite the viewer to enter and fill with light and life.
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Works on paper

Lightning Tree

In Between

White Tree to Shelter and Divide

Build a Forest Glow

Lightning Connection


Featured Artist Christine Buth-Furness
abstracted portraits of places experienced, spaces navigated, and those imagined

Digital Blues
Errors in submissions of digital entries
by Chris Buth Furness, Chair, SE Chapter

Christine Buth Furness at Watercolor Wisconsin
Buth Furness also participates in shows in New Mexico and Texas