Garden Party 24x36 oil on canvas
Artist Statement Kristy Goggio 2015

My paintings are of stories that have been repeated through history. The woman I paint is not a portrait per se. She’s a character symbolizing the memories and contemplations we carry with us.
She’s young and exotic, but flawed and familiar. To articulate a pure thought is difficult, she recognizes this. She’s somewhat innocent but at the same time a veteran to experience.
I portray her opinions, her judgments, belief, views and feelings… as mysterious because they will change. Nothing remains the same. What is beautiful and joyous in one moment may remain that way in memory, but then it’s memory.
Dark colors and detailed attire are intended to hint at the timelessness of the Renaissance style. Her elongated features remove the possibilities that we’ve ever actually meet her, nor has anyone, intentionally protecting her anonymity. She’s within you, within me.
Her thoughts are ambiguous and open to interpretation. Providing other iconic symbols such as birds, flowers or keys suggest to the viewer there is more to analyze.
Canvases are saturated with layers and translucencies in oil and wax. Images are put down and delicately distressed away lending the paintings to an aged quality, as though the story the painting tells has been around for some time.

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