I started taking an avid interest in art and photography starting at a very young age. I remember being quite disciplined and drawing every day as a little girl.

Then when I got my hands on various cameras, I delved into the user manuals and began taking experimental photos to learn about light, film speed and then I was off and running taking pictures galore!

Fast forward to January, 2018: For the past 14 years, I’ve been the senior graphic designer for the Milwaukee Jewish Federation (MJF) in the marketing department. Working here has helped me develop my skills in digital design work for print, web and in photography – especially when I’m assigned to shoot some of our events. These photo opportunities have exposed me to technical and creative challenges, plus I get to meet a lot of fascinating people. These advances have taken me further down the path to do more exploratory “fine art” photography outside the office.

My website is mentioned above. I have an Instagram account @barbb_design

I’m a member of CoPA in Milwaukee, my gallery is at

I have a portfolio page in flickr:

Some of my event photography from MJF:

-Barbara Budish
Milwaukee, WI
WVA membership status:

Tree Graveyard

Lady of the Lake under Grated Pier

My Mourning Virgin of the Rocks in Polluted Lake Michigan (Tribute to da Vinci)

Angel Boy

This Way to the Lake