Biographical/Educational Information: Artist Gary John Gresl
� Born May 12, 1943, Manitowoc, WI;
� Attended Catholic grade school, public high school, Manitowoc County Teachers College;
� University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (BS with Music Minor);
� Additional art and art history classes thru UW Oshkosh and Silver Lake College Manitowoc;
� University of Wisconsin Madison, MS Related Art Dept. School of Family Resources and Consumer Sciences, (formerly called School of Home Economics and subsequently called School of Human Ecology);

� Art classes in high school;
� Art and art history classes at UW Stevens Point, UW Oshkosh, Silver Lake College;
� Art history and Museum Training and Connoisseurship classes at UW Madison;
� Taught art plus other subjects in the Brillion, WI school district 1966-71, Principal of a small middle school for two of those years;
� Self-taught in the directions and techniques of assemblage.

Notable experiences and events:
� Exposure to Abstract Expressionism during the 1950's;
� During a New York World's Fair excursion in 1963-64 saw Franz Kline and Rauschenburg works in New York City;
� Youthful experiences as collector of various materials from rocks to coins;
� Creating first assemblage 1964 using found objects from an abandoned farm dump;
� Experiences on farms, rural and natural settings as a youth;
� Example of enthusiastic teaching/learning from a teacher. J. V. Ackerman, at Manitowoc County Teachers College;
� Real life experience and traumas of growing and teaching in Brillion WI;
� Marriage... children... divorce;
� Antique/collectible dealing;
� Self education in 20th Century abstract art from Kandinsky thru the 70's;
� Recognition in age 30's/40's that personal judgment of what good art might be is as viable as anointed critics and museum personnel;
� Operating a business for over 25 years;
� Working with other professionals in the fields of antiques and art;
� Personal associations with artists including John Balsley, Estherly Allen, Kenn Kwint, Rudy Rotter, to name but a few.
� Working on the Board of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors in all positions for a number of years.
� Co-founder of MVAR, Milwaukee Visual Arts Roundtable, yr. 2000
� Contributing author to bimonthly "Art In Wisconsin", newsletter of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors, Inc.
� Nominated for 2001 Governor's Award in Support of the Arts, community organizations category
� Spokesperson for adaptive reuse of the Praries School Old Coast Guard station on Milwaukee's Lake Michigan shoreline for use as a center for regional art
� Founder and Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards, along with the West Bend Art Museum and the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.
� Served as juror for exhibitions and participant in art workshops
� Invited Guest Speaker UW Milwaukee, Carroll College, and others.
Received the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Award.
Received a Professional $15,000 Fellowship and exhibition from the Mary Nohl Awards.
Participated in a 3 month Kohler Foundation Residency in the company pottery studio.
Two pieces accepted into national show, "Urban Myths and Legends", Pudue University Art Museum.
WVA membership status:

View, Northern Illinois University, "Palipsests, Middens and Memory"

Detail, Palimpsests, Middens and Memory

Minocqua #2

Minocqua #1

Document Ephemera, Obscure Interment


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