Cotton Candy
I have explored art for years in a wide variety of mediums and in the past few years I’ve focused on the brilliance of mosaic and the quiet of watercolor. My education in chemistry led to a career that included both research and operations management and that technical experience involved many aspects which now inform my art: material flow, color, close observation and experimentation. I studied watercolor and drawing in classes at Madison College and UW Continuing Studies programs, and participated in several portrait and landscape watercolor workshops. I’m a proud Wisconsin native, and I’m grateful for the inspiration of our beautiful state.
As an artist, I try to tell a story using shapes. How pieces fit together to create a whole is a foundation for all my artistic endeavors, just as words are used to relate a story. My attention will be caught by the sweep of a tree limb, the gentle curve of a hillside, a posture that conveys attitude, or some other evocative pattern, and that will be the beginning of a painting. I add information to the central idea to create the entire composition, arranging pieces as necessary to achieve balance and meaning. I try to use both the emotion and the shapes of a scene to impart an essential feeling of place, time, or memory. I find the flowing and lively characteristics of watercolor to be the perfect medium to tell a story.
Waterloo, WI
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