Heidi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (Painting and Drawing) in 2010 from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. She also studied visual communication and digital design. While primarily an oil painter, she enjoys other painting media (acrylic, alkyd, watercolor) and most forms of 2D art including pastel, paper art, mixed media and printmaking.

As a digital designer, Heidi most enjoys creating art for print, especially greeting cards and invitations. She also enjoys illustration, marketing material design and website design with WordPress.

Most of Heidi’s best and most meaningful work is highly autobiographical. Her narrative and illustrative style uses a personal, symbolic visual language to convey complex emotion, endless wandering thought and big life questions, putting images to verbally inexpressible inner states and experiences and working through these unresolved questions in the process. To this end, her work serves a therapeutic purpose in her life and is exceedingly personal. It is the intersection of her interest in psychology, development of a life philosophy and spirituality as she experiences it. Heidi favors using large forms, geometry, and a Modernist color palette with her introspective work. She conveys mood and atmosphere in a subtly surrealistic way.
Waukesha, WI
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Oil painting, drawing, pastel, relief prints