Venus after Antonio Canova
art: the study and creation of beauty.

I have great love for art, nearly all art, and a seemingly restless spirit that from time to time nurtures itself by learning every facet available about a given medium. Thus, over the 40-plus years I have been creating, I have crossed paths in depth with many beautiful mediums: watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastel, colored pencil, charcoal, graphite, conte, mixed media to name a few. I have studied the elegance of form and the magic luminescence of light, receding, advancing, reflecting, slivers of light.... the mystery of shadows, the drama of chiaroscuro and the tragic beauty of Kintsugi. The fortune has been mine to work successfully in many genres including landscapes, florals, portraiture, still life and abstraction. It’s been been a fantastically creative life.

And yet I search for more.

For the past year I have studied the ancient medium of Silverpoint. Slender wires most often made from sterling silver, 24k gold or other available metals are my drawing implement. It's old and ancient, the stuff of daVinci and Dürer and medieval scribes. Challenging and unforgiving without the ability to erase or smudge like graphite, my marks must be laid down with solid intention. And yet within the hardness of metal is a sensual softness, a subtlety that gently coaxes the 800 year old technique into view with an alchemic presence like no other. I enjoy bringing my hand from every past image to the current one I create.

Past informs present.
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Silverpoint, Metalpoint, Oil, Mixed Media

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