Series: Joyful Noise - Untitled #1 © Patrice Herbst 2018
After a long hiatus from my beloved painting I have found myself back at the easel once again! Enjoying the challenge of being completely self-taught, I have worked successfully for over 40 years in a wide range of mediums including oils, acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, mixed media, and in figurative, realism, and abstract styles.
But it is the love of the unexpected, the joy of color washing into color and the void of predictive lines that brings me back to the fluidness of painting.
I am currently working in two series;
Joyful Noise and Middle-Earth Journey.  May you, the viewer, allow your wildest imagination to lead you through the limitless possibilities as you journey through my work.
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Mixed Media

Dawn of New Day © Patrice Herbst 2018

Series: Middle Earth Journey - Untitled #6 © Patrice Herbst 2018

Series: Middle-Earth Journey 3 © Patrice Herbst