I am a second generation sculptor, having been trained under my father Frank Niemi in 1968, at age twelve he taught me how to weld and my love for sculpture began. In 1974, I received a wrestling scholarship to Northern Illinois University and graduated in 1981 with a BFA in sculpture. I shifted gears then focused solely on my art and went full time as a sculptor in 1987.
Since that time, I have completed over 50 public sculptures throughout the United States and Europe The two most notable: "The Eternal Flame War Memorial" commissioned by the D.A.V. to honor veterans of all wars and conflicts is located in Worth, IL and “Remembered” a 17’ 7” stainless steel memorial for the students that were slain on the campus of Northern Illinois University February 14, 2008. In April of 2007 I was honored with the Outstanding Achievement Alumni Award in the College of Visual and Performing Arts from Northern Illinois University.
Stainless steel and silicon bronze are my primary materials of choice. I do all of my own fabrication and love the process from start to finish. The sculptures I create are characterized by their uplifting positive direction, my faith in God and the power and beauty of nature.
My purpose is to stimulate the mind of the viewer, as well as creating a sculpture that complements and has harmony with the environment that it shares.
The fluidity of such a hard surface is a signature component in my designs and other important elements are craftsmanship, structural strength and public safety.
I love to hear others interpret my work, we all see something different and it helps my imagination soar.
So sit back, interpret and let your imagination soar!
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Genesis 1:1

Wind Whisperer 2014 Woodward Conference Center, OK

The New Beginning Series 2014 - Private Residence Boca Raton, FL

To See The Wind 2014 Woodward Conference Center, OK


Men Of Metal - Niemi Dual Sculpture Exhibition
A retrospective of 49 years of Bruce A. Niemi & his Father Frank’s sculptures

Featured Artist Bruce Niemi
If you studied my art you would know my heart