Dog & Pony Show Broadside
For the past 20 years I have lived on a farm in the Driftless area of Southern Wisconsin with my family, amidst chickens, dogs, cats, peafowl, turkeys, and pigs from which I draw inspiration for life and art. After nearly 1 solo exhibit per year, each of them focused on domestic animal husbandry (A One Chick Show, The Lives of Farm Dogs, The Whole Hog, Strange Breed), I am currently investigating livestock and companion-animal evolution and selective breeding. Current media includes printmaking (block or relief printing) and oils. I have been represented by Abel Contemporary (formerly Artisan Gallery) since 2005.
Mount Horeb, WI
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printmaking, oils

"Omar and the Magic Feather "

S.V. Medaris at work in her printmaking studio, Market Weight Press.

Meet Howdy! (detail)

Omar's Ball for MOWA show

Wrapping Things Up


S.V. Medaris Strange Breeds
Solo show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

S.V. Medaris
One season of life on the farm

S. V. Medaris - Corn Fed

Featured artist: Sue Medaris
Sue lives on a farm in Southern Wisconsin amidst chickens, dogs, cats, peafowl, turkeys, and pigs