Debra Bushy is interested in the transformation of self. She creates and re-creates with the power of art. For the present time she creates serene photographs and installations.

Universal Womb
I continue to create from resources found on nature walks. The wood form was found outside a path at a forest near my home. The wood's form is womb-like and feels like a safe beginning to start over with the process of art-making. I was tiring of traditional paint on canvas, so I created with paint on wood. The new artform seems safe and has ignited a passion for paint once again!
The interior of Universal Womb is a rich golden hue to reflect light which is synonmous with growth and positive.
The stones are Amethyst and my own creation, Angel Stone.
With each artpiece I create I fell a oneness within myself as an artist.
Madison, WI
WVA membership status:
Artist painter, photographer and sculpture

Universal Womb

Universal Womb with Amethyst

Universal Womb with Angel Stone

April 7,
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Olbrich Botanical Gardens Gift Shop
Madison, WI 53704

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