Leather and Steel
The effect of light on objects and atmosphere inspires me. The main subject in all of my paintings is light and its effect on the objects in the image.

One current series of works deals with the play of light on the male figure, whether portraiture or full figurative work. The male figure's muscular definition and tone creates a sculptural form that presents light and shadow in a wonderful way. I began the series working with traditional lighting but I have recently begun using more extreme lighting in order to add dramatic effect to the work and also to generate extreme or unusual presentations of light and shadow on the figure. Another reason I paint the male figure is that I feel the male figure is under-represented in art and marginalized. The male figure used to be prevalent in art but now the visualization of the male figure in art is interpreted as painting "gay art". Whether the artist is male or female, the artist who paints the male figure is seen as an artist of the gay genre. We don't say the same of female art. Why must we compartmentalize art? The human figure is a wonderful object and its beauty, whether male or female, should be celebrated. I hope to be one of the artists whose work will begin to change people's perceptions of the male figure in art.

Another series I am revisiting is the work boats along the Maine coast. These battered boats are used by the fishermen and lobstermen to get to their larger boats in the harbor. Due to harbor dredging and the increase in marinas for pleasure boats, these boats representing a way of life are disappearing. My goal is to capture their images before they are gone.
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acrylic painting, transparent watercolor, photography

Bell'Uomo - Male Figurative Art by Dan Simoneau

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