Stories From the Heart: Discerning Heart, hand painted woodcut 22" x 16"
Christine Style graduated from UW-Madison with a bachelor's degree in Art and received her Master's of Fine degree in Printmaking from UW-Milwuakee. She has been a professor teaching primarily printmaking, drawing and graphics at UW-Green Bay (www.uwgb.edu/art) for many years and was chair of the art program for 6 years. Her work during the past few years include woodcuts, monotypes, and digital prints with encaustic. The series of woodcuts are "Stories From the Heart' and she is working to complete nine prints in this series. 'Fair Realm', 'Mischievous Heart', 'Holy Heart', and 'Reminscent Heart' are part of this sereis. Her monotypes and digital encaustic are more abstract with visual metaphors that reference 'Healing Views' or a play on a variety of paired words. She has two studios: one at the ARTgarage in Green Bay where she using only non-toxic 'soap' clean up inks such as Akua and Caligo and the other near her home north of Green Bay near the UW-Green Bay. She is currently President of Wisconsin Visual Artists and is Program Chair for the WVA NE chapter. She is also on the board at the ARTgarage and Print Forum at the Milwuakee Art Museum. She leads studio art intensive travel courses to Italy where students have use of the printmaking and art facilities at Santa Reparta International School of Art - www.santareparata.org/. These travel and art making opportunities are for the month of June (4 weeks), every even summer (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012. . .) and are offered for credit or no-credit through UW-Green Bay. Christine Style is represented by the Peltz Gallery in Milwuakee.
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PRINTMAKING, Drawing, Encaustic

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