There are a few things which I consider when choosing what and why to create a painting or drawing and Wisconsin provides me with an endless source of material, both urban and rural. There are many images of significance throughout the natural and cultural landscape which I feel are worthy of portraying. To that, I am committed, as this my home and inspiration.
I generally work from my own photos and as an expressive realist, when painting or drawing the process begins with the subject matter and composition. With oil painting, light, color and contrast are primary to my decision. The emphasis on contrast and detail are more critical in the black and white world of pen and pencil.
An important note is that in my mind my work is only as good as the last piece created and that I will strive for the next to be more competent, technically and esthetically.
Finally, all of my art has some story within, whether it's about a certain place, event or to impart some humor. In the end it will reflect some aspect my Wisconsin surroundings.
Madison, WI
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oil painting, pen & pencil drawing

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Jeff Stern
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Jeff Stern
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