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Though Akins is fascinated with the patterns, textures and geometry of jewelry and origami, she finds her greatest inspiration comes through an intimate relationship with nature. When drawing and painting, much time is spent in observation as she works toward a realistic representation that has an ethereal quality and a sense of depth and the infinite. Art Muscle magazine has described her artwork as, "strongly rendered with a subtle hint of Impressionism."

“So often we rush through life and fail to notice the beauty around us. Sometimes combining the real with the imaginary, it is my intention to create imagery which fascinates, uplifts, and heightens the senses. I enjoy presenting unusual perspectives such as closeups of orchids, looking up through trees, or the surprising three-dimensional elements of origami, encouraging viewers to use new eyes.”
~ Tamlyn Akins
Black Earth , WI
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watercolor, pastel/pencil, origami, jewelry

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Naturescapes by Tamlyn Akins