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WVA Endowment

November 1, 2014
We have reached the $12, 500 goal for the WVA Endowment and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation has matched it - so we have added $25,000 to our Endowment. Thank you all and especially a huge thank you to Robert Ragir and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation. At our next WVA State Board meeting we will have options presented as to how WVA can best use the funds generated from the interest. Please attend if you have thoughts and would like to contribute.

Endowment chair - vacant
Please send WVA Endowment checks to:
WVA Endowment Fund c/o Peggy Zalucha
119 S. Second St.
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
Checks are to made out to WVA Endowment.