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WVA Endowment Fund

February 1, 2017
There was a meeting with Robert Ragir on November 18, 2016. Robert met with Liz Breed, Rosie Hartman and Gary Gresl to discuss his willingness to contribute his matching Challenge Grant going into our Endowment Fund. There was a very pleasant exchange with Robert and found him continuing his interest in WVA, the successes we have had in meeting his 3 earlier Challenge Grants, WVA programs, our history and future.
The North East Chapter has agreed to contribute $750 toward the Endowment. With this welcome news we have the following contributions and a total to this point.
$2,000 from the SE Chapter, $1,000 from the NW Chapter, and $750 from the NE Chapter
$1,600 was transferred from the International Exchange Fund, for a $5,350 total PLUS $500 contributed in the calendar year 2015, which Robert is willing to match. This all compiles for a $5,850 total.
Robert has agreed to match that total, providing us with the funds when he returns from Europe in April 2017. This is offered by Robert through the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation.

Endowment chair - Rosie Hartmann
Please send WVA Endowment checks to:
WVA Endowment Fund c/o Rosie Hartmann
823 E Conway Street
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Checks are to made out to WVA Endowment.