Absolutely Art and Café Zoma are proud to feature the works of Laura Meddaugh & her art students (Lea, Lulu, Phoebe, Olivia, & Zoey) and Skinny Gaviar for the month of July. Please join us for stirring artwork and live music

July Artist Reception

Absolutely Art
2322 Atwood Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
July 5 - 31, 2012
Reception Friday, July 6, 2012 4p
Laura Meddaugh's east side painting studio has been buzzing with activity lately as she and her five neighborhood art students have been busy getting ready for this exhibition of their newest acrylics on canvas in their show entitled, "Budding Artists".

Laura's most recent works have a new found exuberant quality, and reflect her experimentation with texture, glazing and the use of fluid acrylics. Her student's paintings are done in a variety of styles inspired by many artists' works they have studied, and have been created over several months of class. Keeping her student's projects diverse and interesting has forced Laura to try new techniques in her own paintings (one of the many reasons to teach)!

In addition, Absolutely Art will be debuting the "Little Free Library" Laura and her art students have been working on together. It will be installed in "Riley Park" at the end of Rutledge St. in August!

Stop in Absolutely Art and help celebrate the results of the efforts of these budding artists...Lea, Lulu, Phoebe, Olivia, Zoey, and their teacher, Laura!

Skinny Gaviar is a visual artist from what he calls "the middle of nowhere in Russia". Utilizing 'extreme retouching,' he butchers his photographs and morphs them into vivid surreal images. Calling it an 'itch that has to be scratched' rather than self-amusement, Skinny -- apart from a solid collection of original work -- has drawn numerous illustrations for big and small magazines all around the world using the very technique.

"Cheerfully dark, his sensibilities have always found a way to tickle my funny bone. It's a nearly impossible feat. And for that alone he deserves attention," says Nathaniel Pollard, Verbicide.

We are thrilled that Skinny Gaviar will be joining us during the opening reception. His pieces will be featured in Café Zoma.

The show will run from July 5-31, 2012.