"100 days: the Creatives Respond" is a multi-discipline and multi-venue event coinciding with the 100th day of the new presidency. It is an opportunity for artists, musicians, and poets to continue the conversation

"100 days: the Creatives Respond

Oshkosh, wi 54901
April 29 - 30, 2017
April 29th 10 - 8pm; April 30th noon - 5pm

Over sixty artists from across Wisconsin, and then from Minneapolis, Chicago, Texas and Mexico, five singer-songwriters, three bands, a number of poets and public speakers, as well as twenty high school students will be sharing their personal vision of what a healthy country could look like. These creatives are university professors and students. Professionals and part-time artists. High school students. They are all passionate about their craft, and this is a forum for them to share their voice.

Exhibiting venues for artwork are: Matchbook Studio LLC (219 Market St.), Art Space Collective (7 Merritt Ave.) and Jambalaya (413 N. Main St.). A special exhibit of screen prints inspired by Shepard Fairey will be on display at the New Moon Cafe (401 N. Main St.).

Spoken word will be held at 2 - 3pm on Saturday the 29th at the Oshkosh Public Library (106 Washington Ave.) in their Great Hall.

Singer/songwriters will perform between noon and 5pm inside the Exclusive Company (318 N. Main St.) on Saturday the 29th.

Bands will perform behind Jambalaya on Saturday the 29th, weather permitting.

Additionally, there will be three opportunities for community involvement. First, on Saturday the 29th at the Oshkosh Public Library, immediately following the spoken word segment, there will be a mediated open forum from 3 - 4pm. Secondly, on Sunday the 30th, at 2pm in the Opera House Square, there will be a large community performance piece called the "Solidarity Chain." Finally, there will be a station that local non-profits can share information if someone is so moved to want to act upon an issue presented by the creatives.

For information, please contact Cristian Andersson at (920) 791-7137 or at info@liminalspacegallery.com