Colette Odya Smith has a 6 page feature story about her paintings in the French magazine "Pratique des Arts". The current special pastel issue has just reached the news stands.

feature story in "Pratique des Arts" magazine

"Pratique des Arts" is similar to "The Artists" magazine here in the United States. It covers current art events, exhibits, and loads of featured stories on contemporary artists, as well as information and advice. This issue is devoted exclusively to working in pastels with stories on other great pastel painters as well such as Desmond O'Hagen, Maria Marino, and Jeanne Rosier-Smith. It is a great honor to be featured among such renowned artists.

Copies are available from their website: <a href="https://en.divertistore.com/beaux-arts/anciens-numeros/pratique-des-arts-hors-series.html/?SID=8jvuh80n2u2kc6kecgeokdebc1" title="https://en.divertistore.com/beaux-arts/anciens-numeros/pratique-des-arts-hors-series.html/?SID=8jvuh80n2u2kc6kecgeokdebc1" target="_blank">en.divertistore.com/beaux-arts/anciens-numeros/pratique-des-arts-hors-series.html/?SID=8jvuh80n2u2kc6kecgeokdebc1</a>