Journals are made up of days as are journeys. My journal entries are captured thoughts about life events. The thoughts lead to journeys comprised of change and the realization of some fundamental truth. Transferring my though

Journals and Journeys

Gallery 224
224 Main Street
Port Washington, WI
January 12 - March 3, 2018
Reception Friday, January 12, 2018 5-7pm
The monument series books are mixed media assemblage. Working in paper, fabric, and other fibrous materials, I appropriate traditional practices of printmaking and bookmaking, using them toward my own ends. Papers are covered with screen print and transfer print processes including altered book pages, often discarded books.
I have been using current events in my Monument series to honor the environment and victims of tragedies. I gather images, articles, visit sites, take photos and keep it all in my journal. Each work prompts the viewer to make historical or contextual associations-to think about what it means to encounter this story at this moment.