Doug E. L. Haynes

Midvale Community Lutheran Church Request for Proposals

Midvale Community Lutheran Church
4329 Tokay Boulevard
Madison, WI 53715
Entry Deadline Thursday, March 15, 2018
Project Description
Our mission statement: “Midvale Community Lutheran Church is a Community of
Believers in Jesus Christ, Called by the Holy Spirit to Praise, Live and Share God's Love.
Located in west Madison, WI, we are a congregation of the ELCA - Evangelical
Lutheran Church in America.” The committee is seeking a work of two-dimensional art
or wall-mounted, three-dimensional art (using archival media) that will hang in the
gathering space. The weight of the piece should not exceed 40 pounds. This area
welcomes all visitors and worshipers to our worship space. The theme of the work is to
be “Come to Worship and Go Forth”, and effective interpretation of this theme is an
important element of the submission. It is the artist’s choice to create one or multiple
elements (such as a diptych or triptych installation). Artists are welcome to view the
space during church open hours, which vary. Regular church office hours are: Mon.-
Thursday 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Friday, 8:30 am-1 pm. Midvale Community Lutheran
Church has a website describing its programs and activities: <a href="" title="" target="_blank"></a>

Midvale Community Lutheran Church
4329 Tokay Boulevard
Madison, WI 53711
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