Paintings from the PEOPLE PAINTINGS series

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Carbone Cancer Center Gallery, UW Hospitals and Clinics,
Westside hospital
Madison, WI 53711
January 2 - February 1, 2019
I'm working up to two to three dozen paintings - it works best for me if I work on them all at one time. I'll choose a couple dozen of them over the winter holidays. These are generally small scale figurative and gestural style paintings of people going about their daily lives. I don't know the total number so far that I've painted, framed, sold and are now hanging in public and private collections. There must a lot of them since I've been adding to the series since 1987. I will try to upload an image. My next challenge. You can log onto my blog to know more about my shows over the years. My first show was just after I graduated from UW-Madison in 1980.