Joan North
I am proud to be the Featured Artist for Stones and Gems in Art at Q Gallery

Stones and Gems in Art Exhibit

Q Gallery
Stevens Point, WI
June 30, 2018
Being an artist is as much a calling as it is an obsession. You can’t help yourself. It just feels good to make something new and beautiful. The fact that people enjoy what you make is icing on the cake. Writing about it is harder. Let’s try a metaphor: the marriage of stone and metal to create jewelry.

Starting with the stone, it comes from the ground where someone has found it and dug it up. A lapidary cuts and polishes it into a colorful beauty. It is just a stone until it meets metal. This is not a marriage that flows smoothly in one step. You study a stone, trying to imagine what kind of marriage is about to occur? You sketch, doodle, sift around the materials on the desk. You decide if you will put a bezel around its bottom or prongs on its top to tame the connection.

From there you shift your attention to the future partner-the metal. You mold the metal so that it fits and enhances the lovely waiting stone. You measure, cut, pattern, hammer, stamp, sand, stretch, flux, solder, pickle, smooth, tumble and polish the metal to prepare it for the bride. That lovely stone just sits there waiting, looking beautiful, while the metal does all the work to make the partnership strong and attractive. I will let that picture tickle your imagination for a minute.

If all goes well, they live long and play nicely together.