<a href="http://HCNI.org" title="http://HCNI.org" target="_blank">HCNI.org</a>. Plein Air painting contest held in conjunction with our tour of historic homes. Cash prizes.

HCNI en Plein air

Mobile Design Box
753 north 27th street
Milwaukee, WI 53208
Deadline Saturday, June 16, 2018 8:00am
Details of this event are listed at <a href="http://HCNI.org" title="http://HCNI.org" target="_blank">HCNI.org</a> under the home tour or on Facebook listed as HCNI en Plein Air. This is a one day event will be held in conjunction with the Historic Concordia Home Tour. Exhibition of the work will be at Mobile Design Box. The Haggerty Museum will also be having an exhibit of one of Concordia’s past residents, Elsa Ulbricht and her home will be on tour.
Artists painting in the Plein Air contest will have complimentary access to the home tour.
Experience Art. Artist as Residents, Past & Present.