Marco Mendoza presenting part of his series "FINDING US"

"Finding us"

The Cooperativa Gallery
207 E, Buffalo st, Suite #500
Milwaukee, WI 53202
August 20 - September 28, 2018
Reception Saturday, September 22, 2018 6 to 8 PM
Finding us

By Marco Mendoza

I have always been fascinated by the idea of our inner self…what is it? What make us how we are? What we think, how we act, what we are looking for?...will we find it? Or do we already have it but we prefer to replace it with society’s acceptation?

In today’s culture where all the information is at a glance in a matter of seconds, we have dubbed every human perspective that presumes as a “True” idea, finding that there are always multiple points of views of every truth on any subject. Any attempt to comprehend a “whole” must take the point of view of another’s individuals, each with her or his own opinion, his or her own “truth”… So we are living between that balance, our own truth and the others own truth too…that fight affects us individually in our own way and we try to find that peace at our own way too…

For me personally (my own truth) has been finding that balance trough meditation, I’ve been meditating since around 15 years ago, and recently got into a program to become a Certified Life-Artistry Meditation Guide, I’m still working on FINDING MYSELF and in that road I’ve been working on this Art series that I call “FINDING US” …I have been asking a lot..What is the meaning of that rounded semicircle that you use in your paintings?, -well ..I ask them- what does it mean to you? And I got lots of different answers that I love to hear and learn about, so when they start to talk about it and what they feel about it or make them feel I just tell them, that's your answer! It’s your true self talking, that why I said that my paintings are more like a “Stimulus to discover your inner self”